Pure New Zealand Greenshell Mussels is a consortia of leading New Zealand Greenshell™ mussel producers committed to supplying the world's best mussels to China.

Nurtured in clear sunlit waters around New Zealand's unspoilt coastline, Greenshell™ mussels thrive on a constant flow of nutrients and develop into plump full flavoured mussels revered by seafood lovers the world over.

In New Zealand, we owe a lot to nature and therefore are careful to preserve our natural gifts. Hence our insistence on world-leading water quality management and other key environmental benchmarks. We are acutely aware that the world wants food that not only tastes wonderful but carries with it firm assurances around food quality.


New Zealand Greenshell™ mussels shine as rare and precious culinary gems from the South Pacific. Snap frozen to capture all the fresh flavour and nutritional value they had as they emerged from the water.