Pure New Zealand Greenshell™ Mussels with XO Sauce


60 x Pure New Zealand Greenshell Mussels™

XO Sauce – makes approx 1.2 litres

100g Yunnan Ham
50g Conpoy
100g Dry Shrimp
100g Shallot
100g Garlic
40g Lemon Grass
20g Dry Chili
500g Peanut Oil
50g Sesame Oil
1tsp White sugar
1/4tsp Salt and Pepper
1 litre Chicken Stock
200g Hoi Sin Sauce (Chinese Market)
45g Corn Starch



Basic XO Sauce

1. Soak the conpoy water for one hour and steam for another one and a half hours
2. Cut all ingredients into the small pieces
3. Heat up the wok and add the peanut oil until temperature reaches about 180 degrees
4. Put the garlic and shallot into the boiling oil until all moisture evaporates
5. Put all other ingredients (except dry chili) in the wok together
6. Cook all the ingredients until golden brown
7. Put in the seasoning and dry chili and turn off the heat

XO Sauce for New Zealand Greenshell Mussel

1. Boiling up the Chicken Stock
2. Add the Hoi Sin Sauce
3. Add the basic XO sauce without oil
4. Mix the corn starch with water and add, stirring mixture until it thickens.
5. Steam the New Zealand Greenshell mussels and place the XO sauce on top before serving.